Why use
GoldenKey Premium Real Estate
to sell your property?

GoldenKey is one of the leading real estate companies in the Northern area of the town and Surroundings.
We will get the best possible price for your property in the shortest possible time!


Accurate valuation

We visit hundreds of properties every month, giving us the knowledge of property prices in your area. We take into consideration also recently finalized transaction. A correct valuation is crucial for the success of a transaction.

Expert Advice

It takes skill and expertise to negotiate a transaction successfully through to completion and still achieve the best possible price. Through training and experience our consultants offer expert advice on both the transaction process and your legal obligations.


The investments in marketing ensure us that our clients' properties receive maximum exposure across a variety of different media and outdoor. GoldenKey properties receive additional exposure on top real estate portals including Imobiliare and Imopedia.


With a smart & simple approach, our new web site ensures a professional detailed presentation of your property, including floor plans and map location. Gathering the properties around Herastrau Park on a dedicated web site, www.herastraupark.com and www.herastraupark.ro, simplifies the search process.

Access to corporate clients

Many of the world's most respected companies and Embassies use our specialized consultants to find a wide variety of accommodation for their employees. With a diverse range of requirements, corporate tenants are often prepared to pay a good price for the right property.


Presentation and timing are everything. Our consultants are trained to take professional photographs, 360° tours and write comprehensive property descriptions, all in just one visit. The result: your property ready to be on the market within hours.