Herastrau Park

Surrounded by several residential neighborhoods, Herastrau, which has a stretch of 187 hectares, is located in the north of the city, between Kiseleff Blvd, Bucharest- Ploiesti, Aviatorilor Blvd, North Road, close to Baneasa Bridge.


It was built in 1936 on the shores of Lake Herastrau. Lake in the center of the park is part of the chain of lakes anthropogenic Colentina River. The park can be divided into two areas, the first being the calm that is reserved for recreation and culture containing two theaters for adults and children, pavilions for exhibitions, libraries, gazebo for reading and chess, jetties, banks and the second area is designed for active recreation, sport and entertainment which contains various sports grounds and restaurants.

Herastrau include the Flora Expo, Island Rose Island poplar Japanese Garden, designed in 1998 with the support of the Embassy of Japan in Romania and Japan World Exhibition Commemorative Foundation.

Herastrau has monuments, statues and busts: Fryederick Chopyn , I.L. Caragiale, Victor Hugo, Honore De Balzac and " Patrol founders of the European Union " where you will find sculpted in bronze the artisans of European Union.

Before 1930, the area that is today the park was a swampy area that was drained during the period 1930-1935. With this opportunity the authorities had to fit all vacant areas, taking into account the fact that in the area was already Arc de Triumph. Were expropriated dozens of poor housing and industrial enterprise were drawn lanes to make room in May 1939 the most extensive green space at the time of Bucharest. Projects for this park were made by architects Ernest Pinard and Rebhun. Fr. Rebhun was a talented and prolific Austrian landscape architect who helped create plant composition (trees, shrubs, flowers) and Romanian architect Octav Dobrescu designed alleys.

In 1951, the park was expanded and re-inaugurated transformed into its current form.


The vegetation of the park is made up of a variety of species of trees and shrubs deciduous (maple, ash, poplar, willow, lime) and softwood (buxus, juniperus, tazus, forxitia, filadelfiu, turns, lonicera). Also in the park are also protected trees: oak Tagore planted in 1961 to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Rabindranath Tagore, and flowering cherry trees in Japanese garden donated by the emperor of Japan.

  • Summer Theatre - Located near the Village Museum was built in 1965.
  • Herastrau Aquarium - Reef Aquarium is an aquarium divided into two exhibition halls with different themes: the first flag is for marine and reef aquariums and the second hosting of freshwater flora and fauna.
  • Children's Island is situated on the premises of Herastrau and car access is from North Road No.7-9.
  • MA Sport & More provides within the sports of Football Herastrau, near Casa Mediterranean restaurant, three football pitches that comply with the rules of the game of football mini size 42m x21m and offers the opportunity to play in an official formula 5 +1 .
  • Sport fishing on Lake Herastrau only runs on shore, the Hotel Herastrau to landfill near the railway bridge.
  • Bungee Jumping Skate park Herastrau
  • Trains Tennis - Tennis is one of the sports with great cachet and presently here Herastrau there are no less than four tennis clubs for any category, for children and adults, beginners and advanced.
  • Village Museum "Dimitrie Gusti”, one of the first outdoor museums in Romania and in the world, was born in Bucharest, Herastrau in 1936.
  • Historical
    • "Sleeping Nymph" - 1906 / author sculptor Philip Marin / marble
    • "Hercules beating the Centaur" / 1925 / Copyright sculptor Ion Grief / marble
    • "Prometheus"-1970 / author sculptor Joseph Marie Thomas Lambeux / stone
  • Caryatids by Constantin Baraschi Alley caused a sensation at its launch in the holiday " Bucharest Moon " -1939 , the implementation of a classic Greek style element Romanian .
  • Restaurants and Cafés: Hard Rock Café, Turkuaz, Seagull, Bonton Palace by Marie Celeste, Funky Lounge, Trattoria Verdi, Isoletta, Les Colones, Salt, La Fattoria, Quattro Stagioni, Mediterranean House, AGO, Casa di David, Ristorante Il Calcio, Herastrau Restaurant, The Gang.
  • Hotels: Euro Hotels Triumph, Hotel Johann Strauss Hotel, Pullman Bucharest - World Trade Center, Capital Plaza Hotel, Caro.
  • Institutions: Free Press House, Chinese Embassy, Diplomatic Club, Cadastre and Land Registration Office, City Gate.
  • Trading center: Baneasa Shopping Center, Ikea, Mobexpert, Carrefour, Bricostore, Metro, Selgros.
  • Airport: Aurel Vlaicu International Airport